Most of us have dreams when we are children of what we want to be when we grow up. Maybe it’s to be a prima ballerina, an astronaut, a fireman, a mom or a schoolteacher. Our imagination allows for us to create any fantasy we want without consequence because, as children, we are fearless. We believe we can.

But as we grow up and become adults, these happy dreams can change. Fear creeps in along with financial worries, self-doubt, greed, competitive feeling—all kinds of negativity starts to sink in and those dreams we once had as children slowly begin to fade away until they become but a faint memory. Suddenly we are telling ourselves we can’t. Fear has officially taken over. Many of us are not doing what we truly want in our lives. Most of us allowed our real dreams to fade without even a fight because “life” got in the way and we now secretly feel unhappy. But know this: It is NEVER too late.

Every single day there is another chance to start living your dreams. You have one life and you have the power to change it all in a single breath. The only difference between you and the successful and happy person living out their dreams is they went for it. Come hell or high water. In one breath they said, ‘I’m doing this” and never looked back. We all have that same power to change. It really is that simple. If you work inside at an office job and daydream about working in the great outdoors with nature then start looking into Parks and Recreation employment or maybe a new landscaping gig. If you wanted to be a mom but can’t have children of your own then start a daycare center or become a foster parent. If you have always thought about writing, then start a blog and begin right now. The true meaning of success to me is not about having money, power or fame. True success is about happiness, and happiness is about following your dreams.

A #Beautyfullreminder: “True success is about happiness, and happiness is about following your dreams.” -Carmindy

Carmindy is a top makeup artist, beauty expert, author and creator of Carmindy & Co Cosmetics. Instagram: @CarmindyBeauty