You have a lot going on and usually at the same time and people are depending on you to get it done and you want to but it’s impossible because at the end of the day, you are only one person. Stop stressing, put on some music, apply these tips and exhale. You got this!

1. Prioritize: Everything isn’t a priority at the same time. Your values as well as your responsibilities will help you prioritize. Ask yourself what is essential everyday. Also ask yourself whether the return is worth the investment. For example, you may have planned to prepare a feast for your family one day but you could also order in and use the time you would have to cook to keep a deadline to get a proposal to a prospective client or your taxes filed.

2. Keep A Calendar: I’m a calendar fanatic. Everything is on my calendar. My workouts, visits to my grandmother, quiet time, desk time, dates with friends, car pickups at airports. When guests are coming to stay with me. I might need to be less scheduled actually, but maintaining a calendar enables you to see and know where and when to not only do something but when you need to do nothing. Because I’m over scheduled, I have begun to take one thing, off my calendar every day. I just tell myself it can wait until tomorrow.

3. Just Say No sometimes: It’s easier to say, “Yes,” even to things we don’t want to do. It’s harder to say, “no.” But often times when we say “no” to someone or something, not out of malice, of course, we are actually saying, “yes” to ourselves.

4. Be Honest With Yourself and Others: “And the truth will set you free!” I didn’t have to say it it’s in the good word! It’s important to know your own truth: your capabilities, your limitations, the things that really make you tick, the things that don’t, the things that are really important to you and the things that are less important. And when you know, you have to communicate those things to the people who your truths impact. It will help manage their expectations of you and your expectations of yourself.

5. Meditate & Pray: A friend who is a TM teacher formally introduced me to Transcendental Meditation about four years ago. It changed my life! It helped me better deal with stress and accept that stress is a necessary part of life. When I am deep in my meditation practice, I feel aligned. I also pray more because I am connected to my center.

6. Travel Alone: I realize everyone may not be able to travel often, but I also know that traveling not just to foreign countries but also to foreign towns or cities even in your own state is powerful. By taking yourself outside of your everyday surroundings you are better able to objectively assess your needs as well as your opportunities without the regular movement of life. I have a dear friend, wife and mother of two boys who checks into a local hotel one weekend every quarter by herself and without her phone. She orders room service and writes and reads and recharges as well as reflects.

7. Ask for Help: Most of us thrive on saying we “can do it all!”…No thank you! I want others to help me do all that we’d like to get done. And because we have told them that we “can do it all” so much, they seldom offer to help. So, darling, if you need help (which is completely human I might add)…ask for it.