Looking for things to do or places to go with your significant other to keep the heat steady through the fall?

1. Crash Land Your Dream Pad

Via Airbnb

Skip a been-there-done-that hotel stay and book a fully-furnished apartment or studio for a more native-like travel experience.  Airbnb boasts homes, mansions, beach houses, pied de terres and castles alike in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries available at every budget.  While room service isn’t included (inmost bookings), you might consider hiring a local chef, ordering take out or creating your own heat in the kitchen.  

2. Lay Down

Via Aire Ancient Baths

There’s little more sensual than a massage. Period. But a massage a foot away from your significant other followed by steamy baths, mud and vino (if you like)  is a just a few levels short of Ana Steele and Christian Grey sexy.   Bathing in public with strangers is nothing new. Ancient bath houses date back as far as the mid-2nd Millennium BC during the reign of the Roman Empire. If you both need a bit of relaxation, why not relax and step back…in time together. Most spas offer couple treatments that include baths.  But if you are in the NYC area, you must book Aire Ancient Baths, a Tai Life fave. Aire’s best kept secret: private red wine baths.

3. Flick-It Outdoors

Via Time Out Paris

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in a dark, gloomy,  over-air-conditioned auditorium? So 1961. Literally.  A gigantic screen in open green space as the sunset greets the stars, on a blanket with your favorite finger foods (to be fed to one another, of course)? So right now.  From old classics to new late releases, outdoor cinema is offered in most major US cities (and some smaller cities too) and international destinations. Pack a picnic basket, pick up some boxed vino, fold your blanket and go be entertained.

4. Sip, Sip, Sip

Via Lambert Bridge

Little known facts:  there are nearly 3,000 commercial vineyards and all 50 states have at least one! There are also 3,040 breweries in the US. There haven’t been this many breweries in the US since 1870. So chances are, there is also a brewery near you. Now, don’t think we’re suggesting you simply get wasted with your babe. (Though that has its benefits.) Instead we recommend a tasting and  a walk or hike on the grounds. A must visit vineyard in Sonoma is Lambert Bridge, one of the oldest post-prohibition Wineries in the Valley. And if you are on the east coast Virginia Wineries allow you to combine your love of wine and equestrian experiences.

5. Hookup…

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Please don’t think of fishing as your grandfather’s pastime. Focused, quiet, uninterrupted time — until the fish takes the bait, obviously–fishing for two is a charming way to reconnect, work together toward a common goal (big catches only), and fall in love again. Make a playlist of your favorite quiet, slow jams and a list of 25 questions and topics that you’ve never talked about and cast your lines.  And oh, why not make this a friendly competition? See who can catch the biggest fish, and the loser buys dinner!   

A #Beautyfullreminder: Netflix will be there waiting.

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