Social Media Handle(s): @HerAgenda & @NeshasAgenda

I am from and currently reside in…Brooklyn, New York.

In 5 words, I am…bold, ambitious, straight-forward, grateful, and blessed.

My Mantra…N.E.S.H.A–No One Ever Slows Her Agenda.

Growing up, I wanted to be…in media but didn’t know exactly what it would look like. I was inspired by Oprah and how she used television so I thought I would start out as a news anchor like she did. I ended up working in a newsroom briefly but ultimately I took the digital route instead of traditional TV.

I founded…HerAgenda to change the perception of opportunity for millennial women in order to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement. I use the power of role models and shining a light on women who are in positions of power because as we all know you can’t be what you can’t see.

A lightbulb moment that led to me starting Her Agenda…I was focused on pursuing a career in journalism as a teenager and had opportunities to meet editors, writers and producers at magazines and in newsrooms. Seeing women around me  who were changing the game, pushing boundaries and making things happen excited and inspired me. Around the same time, I was published in a magazine and started receiving messages from girls around the country. It was then that I realized that there was too much focus on celebrities. I noticed a lack of awareness about what they could possibly pursue in order to achieve their goals [outside of being a celebrity]. I knew I wanted to create something that would use the power of media to give girls and young women access to the stories of successful women plus access to the opportunities that could help them become like those women.

I’m inspired by…hearing the stories from our readers about how something we shared or did completely changed their lives, or got them their first job or put them on the path to their dream job is super motivating.

I’m motivated to…continue to make HerAgenda a tool that can be for women and the world.

As a millennial, I think…digital platforms are helping us. The “gatekeepers” are no longer relevant and we have access to the people, tools and resources we need to make things happen. There are pros and cons but overall I think they’re helping empower us to become who we want on our own terms.

I feel that workplace equality…is overdue. Hands down women should be seen as equals in the workplace. A shift in perception will help achieve workplace equality. We have to eliminate unconscious bias.

I define style as…a reflection of yourself, your mood, your idea for how you see your day going. It is part of the perception you shape of yourself for the world to see.

My personal style is…very easy and simple. I like simple pieces. It’s important that I don’t need to think about it. It’s all about effortlessness. This is why I wear a lot of rompers and jumpsuits. They’re what I call “instant outfits”. They look glamorous without a lot of effort.

My top 5 must haves are…

It is important to surround yourself with empowered women because…they know that there’s room for everyone and they are willing to share knowledge and resources. There is a spirit of collaboration and an expectation of greatness that you can’t help but live up to when you’re in a circle of empowered women. Over the years I’ve been empowered by my teachers and mentors, including founder Tai Beauchamp. She was one of my first mentors and gave me an incredible opportunity that put me on a path that lead me to where I am today.

Her Agenda Live Event with panelists Keli Goff, Dina Kaplan, Tia Williams and Raqiyah Mays.

I empower others by…elevating their story to showcase their journey with the goal of inspiring other women to step into their power and pursue their goals. Storytelling is a powerful way to transform someone’s viewpoint of the world and of themselves. I also empower by breaking down the barriers that typically exist in terms of access to opportunity.

Balance, juggle, or seesaw…Juggle. I’m inspired by Lauren Maillian who often speaks about work life integration. I am very diligent about things like setting certain limits and boundaries around email and work communication after certain hours. For example, I turned the notifications for my emails off so I only see them when I actually open the app. I also manage my team through slack and the rule is no messages about work after 9pm EST (we have people in different timezones).

The advice I would give young women is…never stop. Keep going and gain the knowledge and experience you need to build a network and cultivate the resources you’ll need to launch.

In 10 years…I will be the President and EIC of Her Agenda with 300 staffers and multiple media outlets centered around women, power and sharing resources and opportunities.

The first thing I do in the morning is…I know I shouldn’t do this but, check my phone.When I see it’s all clear I write in my journal how I envision the day going, or how I feel about what’s happening in my life.

The last thing I do at night is…read – I try to read fiction if I can.

My favorite quote…“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” -Susan Jeffers