2/8/17 Update: Luvvie Ajayi recently scored a big deal with Shonda Rhimes. Her debut book ‘I’m Judging You’ will be Shondaland’s first ever comedy series. Read more at vulture. 

Story by Janell Hickman

I am…Luvvie Ajayi.

In 5 words, I am…driven, honest, goofy, chill, and gifted.

Professionally…I’m a writer, digital strategist, and speaker. I’m a culture critic—my writing is analyzing what’s happening in the world. That’s essentially how I would set myself apart in the industry. I’m also a digital strategist and influencer.

I honed my skill as a writer…learning from afar. Yes, I have mentors but as a natural writer I loved the art of it and learned how to do it in my own way.

I wrote I’m Judging You: The Do Better Manual...because someone said I’m the “conscience of social media”. It’s a culmination of everything I’ve ever done. Along the way, I learned tostand in my worth and not let anyone undermine me. Also, l’ve learned to delegate when I need help.

All aspiring writers should read…Angela Nissel author of The Broke Diaries. Her book made it possible for other women to become writers. She’s paved the way.

My mission is to…create useful and inspiring content. I hope everyone can find something to relate to. And if they’re having a bad day, I hope my site can make them feel better with laughter and joy. Most importantly, I hope people will understand the importance of staying true to themselves and their voice

I empower others by..frequently teaching at high schools and colleges and telling my life story. This is important to me because someone empowered me in some kind of way; therefore, it’s my obligation to do the same thing and pass the torch down.

I am motivated by...freedom and the ability to live on my own terms. If I don’t feel like working today, I won’t and if I want to go on vacation for a month, I will. I want others to feel inspired to live fully and unapologetically.

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On my busiest days…I’m on the move until I just crash. I’m busy usually traveling, going to events, heading to the airport. I just go, go, go until I can finally get some silence. Then, I go to my room and chill. How I spend free time when I have it? I usually spend time with friends and loved ones. I take naps. I sleep. I binge watch whatever shows I’ve missed. But, I barely have “free” time.

If you’re not somebody that wants fame…being more well known can be a bit disconcerting. The best part is that I get to reach a lot of people every single day with my ideas. Being able to have that access—it’s a privilege, honestly. I’m able to cut through a lot of the noise, hopefully negating some of the ridiculousness that’s in the world.

To keep myself organized...I use Google calendar to basically plan out my life. It’s my daily bible, it’s what I go to confirm. If it’s not on Google, it’s not happening. Wunderlist is my to do app and Basecamp to work with my assistants. I just work off of that. I work off of my emails. My to do list helps. I schedule meetings with my ScheduleOnce app. It’s just a combination of all that.

The woman I aim to be is…liberated and powerful.

My biggest inspiration is…Shonda Rhimes because of the content she creates. She reaches back and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Best career advice ever received…under promise and over deliver. Don’t brag too much. Show more than you tell and create dope work.

My work style...is focused, straightforward, and strategic. I plan ahead and follow through by making deadlines, but I am flexible and not afraid to deviate from the course.

My advice to aspiring social media stars…is to pay more attention to content more than anything. People come in ready to make money and be a star, but they don’t create enough good content to warrants them to become a star. Focus on giving the world something to value and make them want to pay attention.

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My personal style is…mostly preppy. My silhouette is very structured. A good blazer is my go to! But if I am feeling bold for the day, I’ll switch it up with a fierce jumpsuit.

My 5  fashion and beauty must haves…

I hope my online presence will inspire…people to follow their purpose. Don’t rely on plan B, follow plan A.  

This whole year... has been a bunch of pinch me moments. Interviewing Oprah was the best. [Becoming a New York Times Best Selling author was a good one, too!]   

My guilty pleasure is…hot Cheetos. I need a whole bag—not just a couple!

In 10 years, I will…have written a few books.

The first thing I do in the morning is…check my text messages.

The last thing I do before bed…pray.