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Website: + soon to launch

Having lived in many place, I was…homegrown in Oakland, Cali, went to boarding school in Colorado, and came to NYC to attend Columbia University and sunk my roots in New York.

My day job is…helping women transform their lives through the magic of birth. I came out of college an entrepreneur. I always knew I would follow my own arc and create a business. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my son that I actually started developing the rudiments of my business.

My “aha” moment was…when I gave birth to my son, I really connected to the process. It was magical, sacred, and divine. Through the birth of my son, I came to know my body in the most intimate way. I know that I can give rise to miracles, that there is innate power swirling through my veins and I am powerful beyond measure. Through my body and the primal birth process I came to really love and honor my body, an important part of the work I do with women to this day.

My most challenging life experience is…being a single mom, but it is also empowering at the same time. I have developed a certain ingenuity because of circumstance and pushed myself further because my son depends on me. Time management is a daily challenge for me of juggling the demands of life and career, and my son’s career (he is a DJ I am thankful that I have been able to design a life that allows me to thrive in my passion and support my son in the way he needs.

I’m committed to…helping people reclaim the magic in the mundane, celebrate the everyday moments and revel in ritual. My forthcoming website  will be a space  for people to come for inspiration and to be spiritually fed. You can look at for the splash page (the site is coming soon) and explore the portals – ADORN, COMMUNE, NOURISH, NURTURE, RETREAT. We will have tons of programs and experiences to bring to women and a gorgeous brand extension through curated collaboration. My vision is that it becomes a daily destination for visitors to come and be vulnerable, inspired and touched by grace.

I feel most empowered whenI am supporting women, whether alongside them during pregnancy and birth, or through mentorship or friendship. When I am surrounded by powerful women I feel my strongest. It’s the best feeling to be lifted by your sister-circle.

My mentors…Debra Lee, CEO of BET Networks and Saundra Parks of A Red Maple Leaf – these women really look out for me. They have taught me the value of having a proper team in place to support my needs and goals. Embracing the art of delegation is a necessity when you are juggling various projects and it’s crucial for your success.

My personal muse…is my mother because she is an alchemist. She really created a full life for my sister and I with very little resources. We went to the best schools and had the best start in life because of her sacrifices. I’m so thankful for my mother. My friends inspire me too, I make it a point to stay surrounded by women who inspire. My soul sister, Tracee Ellis Ross inspires me through her conviction and authenticity, and her beautiful natural curls. Sarah Lewis’s grace and tenacity to break through barriers in art and her curiosity as a thought leader motivate me in my own art. Lastly, my elder Queen Afua for being a wellness pioneer and spreading her glow.

I always have…a hat and a scarf – no matter what the weather. My favorite place to get hats made is Satya Twena millenary. On my travels I get a scarf wherever I go.

On my feet…stilettos from no specific brand. I go-to whatever looks and feels best! I have everything from Givenchy to J. Crew so I just make it work.

On a Saturday…I make breakfast for my son, blasting soul music, and getting ready for the beautiful day.

I unwind by….taking hot baths and soaking, getting a massage, acupuncture, taking a long walk, and reading a good book. I call this personal self-care “glow time”. It’s essential for optimal wellbeing. If you don’t care for yourself first, then you don’t have the energy to offer your best to others or the world.

My next adventure…will be Colombia, which is on my short list. However, I have been traveling substantially this year so far. And I will probably head to visit my family in Brazil too!

Living the high life means…living in alignment with your dreams and goals. Enjoying the fruits of your labor. Elevating your experience.