Instagram: @sykesstyle and @mymission360
Age: 33

Originally from…Longport, NJ but laying my head these days inBattery Park, NYC.

I began my career in…Beauty Marketing for Estee Lauder.

Right now I’m…launching Mission 360 and doing my best to live my practice and pursue my personal mini-missions of self-growth and evolution on a daily basis. Mission 360 is a highly curated, multidimensional wellness platform dedicated to empowering those seeking a stronger body, enriched spirit and expanded mind. It’s a modern sanctuary founded to inspire self improvement. It combines the best yoga, fusion fitness, wellness coaching, and intuitive healing into one online community that busy individuals can access anytime, anywhere.

Wellness is…an on-going practice. I grew up with parents who were both marathon runners and my father also did Ironman Triathlons. They were juicing and adding wheat germ to their oatmeal in the early 80’s . I had great role models from day one. They taught me that being successful in sports was just as much about mental focus as physical conditioning, and I believe that this mindset also gave me an edge in academics. The mind-body-spirit connection is essential for wellness and can be adapted as best understood by the audience. For example, meditation does not always have to be sitting cross legged in a quiet space. It can be a mindfulness practice while commuting on the L-train.

I am a “yogi” because…I try my best to bring my practice off the mat.

I am always working to be more…patient.

Choosing my most monumental moment ever is…a tough one! I can’t pick just one! My mind is flooded with turning points that all led me to where I am today. Some have felt like absolute crisis at the time, only to prove to be God pushing me to go through a door that I was resisting. The quote, “Great change is always preceded by chaos,” has certainly proved true time and time again.

My definition of style is…confidence combined with personality.

A destination that inspires my personal style is…NYC sometimes, sometimes I feel like LA, and sometimes I wish I were an Aussie because they are bringing some hot brands to the table.

My 5 must haves right now are…


True beauty is found…in helping others.

My favorite place is…Tulum because it’s just magical. And there is nothing like a detoxing Temescal ceremony (if you haven’t tried one, you must).

My daily fitness routine is…10-15 minutes of meditation upon waking up, 60-75 minutes of a strong yoga practice (I mix it up with barre or pilates once in awhile). In the summer I like to surf and paddleboard. I walk almost everywhere in the city.

My Mission 360 is…two fold:

1) To live my practice and never stop evolving.  

2) To empower others to invest in their wellness and own their personal missions by providing a multi-dimensional, user-friendly platform.

My guilty pleasures are…a really good spicy margarita and a seasonal statement handbag. Right now I’m crushing on the Hudson small crossbody from Chloe.

You in 5 words: Resourceful, Loyal, Intuitive, Adventurous, Active.