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NYC via the Bay

I’m inspired by… Instagram. It’s the first app I scroll in the morning. I’m sure all the women with great style I follow subliminally influence my outfits. But the primary factor is my mood. I’m a big believer in wearing what you FEEL happiest in. The inimitable Susan Fales-Hill told me that recently and it’s my new motto.

As for style inspriation? I’m into… Northie West! She’s such a radical little free spirit but always with an element of sophistication. I want the grown up version of all her outfits!

True style is… synonymous with personality. It is your very own customizable projection of who you are, how you feel, what you want to say, and how you’d like to be seen in this world. Some people think style is frou-frou, but in my eyes, it’s an outward expression of your inner power.

I empower others by… looking people in the eye; by being the first to smile and say hello; by making it a priority to connect and share stories with women of all ages. [Women] hold the secrets of life! And every moment, I choose to be true to my authentic self. It’s an invitation for others to feel free enough to do the same. That’s where the magic is.

Right now, I’m into… the entire fourth collection of Fear of God LA. I’m eyeing Look 3 and 19 hard. The design of the denim jackets and bombers-turned-overcoats feels quirky and fresh. Saint Heron Word to the Woman Match WN Sneakers in every color. And finally, ear bling. I just cut my Marley Twists into an asymmetrical bob. Since my ears are finally on display again, I’m dying for a pair of Annelise Michelson Single Wire earrings. She’s a young, French female designer and her pieces are perfect little architectural works of art.