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Age: 42

I was born in…London and now live in…New York.

In five words, I am…positive, curious, fun, ambitious, and adventurous.

Professionally, I am…social entrepreneur.

I became an entrepreneur because…I had a very demanding job and I reached the point where going to work and having a family and personal life were all important to me but it was impossible to do those things within a corporation.

Women, Inspiration, and Enterprise (WIE Network) was inspired by…my own experiences in corporate culture and my own experiences as a woman. I wanted to create a platform to help women and give them the tools to succeed in the workplace and in life.

The toughest thing about being a CEO is…definitely the financial responsibility, keeping the business afoot is the hardest part. But being my own boss feels amazing because whether I succeed or fail, they’re my decisions to make and how I live my life.

The best thing about being an entrepreneurMost people also don’t realize that entrepreneurship isn’t just numbers, however, because even as a former Film marketing executive, being an entrepreneur is the most creative I’ve ever been. It just gives you that freedom to really innovate.

My advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs is…being an entrepreneur can be a lonely place at times, surround yourself with a really strong network and never hesitate to ask for help.

I empower others by…connecting others. I’m always putting people together that I think can support one another personally in business. I meet so many incredible people every day through my work and nothing gives me more joy than to put people together. It’s all about building great personal and strategic relationships.

My biggest inspiration is…my son. He’s three. It’s an incredible feeling to watch a young person who’s so full of life and has no fear. It’s inspiring to sort of remember how it can be to just throw yourself into everything and believe that anything is possible and everything can be done. That definitely inspires me every day.

I am often inspired by…the people around me. I have great friends, a great support network, and a wonderful husband. I’m definitely someone who is driven by relationships. I need people and need to have good people around me. I’m definitely not a loner.

From my experience in fashion and film, I learned that…it is really about my approach. When you work in either of those industries you have to think about brand positioning. You think about how to position a brand in a marketplace, your target demographic and how they’re receiving your brand. That’s the same way I approach my philanthropic career. In that, yes, I have an official mission but I’m always thinking about how people are receiving the message.

I was inspired to create The Other Festival because…I’ve been running WIE for a while, and I’ve noticed that there are so many incredible young women who have amazing self-starter spirits who are founding or want to found companies. There are women finding really interesting ways to make money who are creative and disrupting the landscape. I want to support and harness that entrepreneurial spirit by creating something that was really dedicated to just that: disruption, creativity, ad.

The Other Festival will…be a really comfortable yet empowering experience. Being an entrepreneur is a bold place to be. I want attendees to know that there are setbacks but with support they can get through. I want them to feel energized and powerful. Their questions will be answered and the issues they’re trying to solve addressed. I want them to know what they’re up against and all of these things will be answered by the other women.

My top 5 summer must-haves:


I am elevated when…I meditate. I like to travel and am always inspired by being in new environments. I love finding space to be alone and look inward. I find that that’s what calms me and helps me find that peace since my life is so frantic..

In order to balance marriage, work, and family…I just learn to forgive myself and let things go. Those are three equally important things to me and it can be very hard to [try to] make all things work all the time. Sometimes they do and sometimes they’re out of sync depending on what’s going on. I just have to be the best I can in my jobs and for my husband and my son and during the moments that I can’t, I [choose to] forgive myself.

The 1st thing I do every AM is…drink hot water with lemon, and the last thing I do at night is…check my phone.

I am about to read…a book sent by Pat Cleveland, the first black supermodel. It’s her autobiography so I’m excited to start reading that.

A book I enjoy always…Eyes Wide Open by Noreena Hertz. It’s a great book.

My song of the summer is…“Work” by Rihanna.

If I could travel anywhere in the world right now…I would go to Umbria, Italy. I love it there. Beautiful food, beautiful people, beautiful landscapes.