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I am 44 hailing from…Manhattan.

I currently reside in…Fidi, on my way back uptown next month!

I spend my days…happily juggling all things work, inspiration, and single-mami-hood!

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Professionally I am…always doing multiple things and evolving. As a finance expert, author, and entrepreneur, the media moves too fast these days to stand still. And as the market shifts into recognizing women as a vital part of the fabric in this economy and in story-telling, I’m thrilled to build out my business with that focus.

I describe myself as…eclectic, an ambivert, feminist, and a women of color.

I was inspired to do the work I do in my life…because I am the daughter of immigrants. My mother’s education stopped when she left the Dominican Republic as a teenager, settling in Manhattan, and began working with her mother, my ‘Abuela’, in fellow-Dominican Oscar de la Renta’s factories. She gave me a passion for the opportunities that I had as an American woman that she did not have in her country of birth.

A pivotal moment that shaped my life…are far too many to name but the adage is true: challenges breed character. My journey has not been an easy one but I relish each and every setback. I have no regrets because everything has led me to where I am today.

I hope to…inspire and motivate others to be kind to themselves and to live lives of honesty and fulfillment. Also, to invigorate women to know their own power and take more control over their lives, professionally and personally.

“Carmen Sense” is…peeling back the layers of your decisions to get to the essence of what may be holding you back or getting in the way. It’s also straight up common sense when something’s going on culture-wise that leads to a bandwagon mentality. I like to tip the bandwagon.

I am inspired by…all the women around me. I have friends that I’ve known for years who inspire me daily with their kind and giving hearts and the fearless ways they live their lives. My younger sisters inspire me with their joy and my daughter inspires me with her young point of view, which is so naturally built on the idea of equality.

My personal style takes cues from…the art world. I despair at the cancellation of “Work of Art”! China Chow is a muse. I also adore ’70’s fashion, from Harlem weekends to Halston. I’m so relieved to be at the age where I care much more about being authentic to myself and my style than fitting a (dull) idea of what I ‘should’ look like.

My wardrobe and vanity favorites right now are…


My happy place…varies by the day! I’m filled with happiness walking the dog on weekend mornings with my daughter; writing something creative; sneaking out to movies; having a drink with friends; hunting for shells on a beach somewhere around the world.

My guilty pleasures are…super-sales at, books, books and more books on, fun and funky clothes for my daughter from the UK at and my multiple daily NEPRESSO.

Photographer: Deneka Peniston Photography