Instagram: @BettaWerk

I’m inspired daily by…watching the Golden Girls. It reminds me to be a fabulous go-getter like Blanche, humble and loving like Rose, head strong like Dorothy and as brazen as Sophia.

My style inspiration comes from…individuals that remain unapologetic about being themselves. They keep me inspired. I’m going to add my Grandmother. (Not even kidding). If she wants to wear a yellow turban with her full length jean dress, she will and she owns it! Attitudes like hers inspire me the most. Aesthetically, I love 1970’s jumpsuits, pantsuits and the overall glam [of that time]. Artists like Patty Pravo, Liberace and Diane Keaton inspire me as well.

My style is… fun. Imagine if Yves Saint Laurent and Donatella Versace moved to Tokyo and asked Missy Elliott to be their surrogate. Boom! The birth of Betta!  Conversation pieces are essential. Whether it’s quirky or in the subtle details, I just think it’s important to have fun!

I empower others by…reinforcing positivity through comedy. I remain positive and find the humour in every tough situation. Sometimes you have to sit back and laugh at life in order to move onto the next chapter. Also, by keeping it real! Don’t hide vulnerability. Show that you’re human and overcoming challenges! *cue R.E.M’s ‘Everybody hurts”*

I am obsessed with…my Rudsak ‘Bliss’ ankle booties! They have the comfort of a platform, neoprene fit, a thermal insole to get me through the winter, all the while adding 4 inches to my height! It’s a win-win!

Photo credits from left to right: Paul Morel,, Richard Guaty