Picture this: Your alarm goes off at 6am. Okay, maybe 7. The first thing you do is grab your cell phone. You scroll through twitter, insta, and snapchat, taking note of whos the flyest and most ratchet of the day. You snap screenshots of the most uplifting quotes. And then, begrudgingly, you move to  your overflowing email inbox.

Hours have passed, and before the day has fully begun– before you even brush your teeth, youre stressed, you feel exhausted and filled with anxiety. Relax, baby girl and mediate.

Before you hyperventilate. Pause. If only for one to 3 minutes or 20 if you are Yoda level, settle into you.

Studies show that daily meditation can go a long way in reducing stress and improving overall health. Although an inflexible schedule and the rare chance to breathe between errands can make meditation sessions seem like “just-one-more-thing-to-do”, below are seven one-minute to pro guided meditations that will help you see and expect the good no matter the frenzy around

1. One Minute of Mindfulness: This meditation may be one minute, but reminds us that even in our move-move life, every minute counts. Short on time? 60 is the magic number…60 seconds that is! us, it’ll be a minute well spent. 

2. Let It Flow: Are you the type who “meditates” and knee deep in the process thinks: “I can’t concentrate!” Peter Russells three-minute meditation is not only calming, but encouraging to just be. This “be-in-the-moment” meditation  assures that to drifting off is expected… By the end, knowing exactly who and where you are is…A-ok!. 

3.By the Sea: I got 5 on it!!! Noah Hammonds five-minute guided meditation takes us to the calming sounds of Tulum or the Maasai River (you choose). If you are soothed by the sound of flowing water, the natural oceanic instrumental of this video will move you into calm. 

4. Top 10: This 10-minute guided meditation is best to sooth anxiety and can be done anywhere. Do vocals and mellifluous sounds say something to you? Then this meditation for beginners and constant movers alike will help you lengthen your meditation time. 

5. Gabby Bernstein (A cool ass TaiLife friend and contributor): offers free guided meditation. If you can’t sit still for more than a few seconds, if you do better with voices that sound like yours, join Gabby on a journey of new perceptions. Expand your inner awareness, melt away stress and anxiety, strengthen your intuition, and become a magnet for miracles.

6. Decompress with Deepak and OPRAH! When in doubt, trust not only an expert, but the modern day guru of mindfulness. And well, Oprah, because she’s inspired us to all tap into our best selves. The fact that TheTaiLife.com founder, Tai Beauchamp has connections to both, never you mind! Hear the wind, Deepak telling you when, Oprah sharing why it matters and then imagine the life you want and deserve. The free 21-day challenges are risk-free and mind-freeing too.  

7. Ready to go pro at home? Step into a David Lynch Foundation ™ meditation center, learn and practice the techniques that will enable you to be your own guru. If you are looking to deepen your practice, sign up for an intimate 5-day course and learn to tap into your most comforted side. (Actress Lena Dunham has done it. For other celebs who sit still, click here.)The beauty about DLF is that it also offers the opportunity to give back to the community. Your inner peace = world peace.  

A #Beautyfullreminder: Just breathe.

The Tai Life Headshots - Elaine Fluker

Elayne Fluker is the founder of ChicRebellion.TV — the first and only global Internet TV network for women of color. Instagram: @ElayneFluker


Imani BrammerImani Brammer is a writer living in Brooklyn. She loves all things funky, authentic, and loaded with carbs. Instagram: @ImaniBrammer