Earth Day, the one day of the year designated for protecting our home, planet earth.

For these environmental superheroes, protecting our planet is their mission everyday.

Taking action on everything from Global Warming to pollution, the organizations on this list bear the weight of our world on their shoulders. They are the ones working to resolve serious environmental issues that many of us rarely stop to think about. Although these issues may seem too large scale or far beyond our reach, there are ways we can help. Check out these awesome organizations and their causes.

Nature Conservancy: Conservation International

50% of our world’s forests are lost due to deforestation. Forests are the air we breathe, the water we drink, the source of our medicines, and so much more. Conservation International (CI) works to restore these ecosystems that are necessary for our livelihood. Over the past 3 decades, CI has protected over 99 million acres of forests. Among other conservation practices, they continue researching how we can better conserve our forests for future generations when they are worth more cut than standing in our economy. By donating here you can protect an acre (or more) of land!

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Ocean Protection: Mission Blue

Decades of pollution, overfishing, acidification, and other human pressures have deeply strained not only the composition of the ocean itself but also marine life. Directed by Dr. Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Society explorer, Mission Blue works to protect and respect the fundamental nature of the ocean. The organization works with over 180 respected ocean conservation and research groups to keep up a global concerted effort. With only 4% of our ocean protected, Dr. Earle has introduced the concept of a Hope Spot system- or looking for new areas that may need protection as well as enhancing protection at current marine protected areas (MPA’s). You can donate to help build a network of Hope Spots here.


Climate Change:

Fossil Fuel companies more specifically in coal, oil, and natural gas, are the wealthiest and most powerful companies on the planet. Yet, the heart of their success is destroying our environment. As the population grows the amount of fossil fuel we can use is diminishing. Fossil fuels release toxic gases into our atmosphere contributing to climate change. Today, the fight against climate change is on the rise, and makes it easy for you to get involved. Through online campaigns and grassroots organizing within over 188 countries, works to mobilize people to push for strong environmental policies. Find local groups and actions, start your own, or find a featured campaign here.


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Energy Sustainability: Ceres

Huge industries such as oil, electric, insurance, hotels and more are the driving forces of our economy. With such massive power and wealth, comes a massive responsibility to manage sustainable energy. Ceres promotes this responsibility by connecting investors with environmental groups to try and create a system that rewards those that incorporate sustainability into their business practices. Today, 80% of Ceres partners have greenhouse gas reduction goals. If you would like to see that number rise, find out how you can get involved here or simply donate here.


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Poverty and Livelihood: Heifer International

It turns out a cow can change a life. Curious? Then you must check out this project.

Dedicated to ending world hunger, poverty, AND caring for the earth, Heifer International links up with communities in need to give them an animal that can provide both food and reliable income. The first female offspring of the first family’s animal must then be passed on to another family in need. This ripple effect then opens up opportunity for creating agricultural cooperatives, small businesses, and building schools. From donating an animal to funding a project, explore the donation possibilities.


The number of non-profits do not stop here! Research a cause you care about and get to work! No matter how you decide to ‘go green’ today, remember it all makes a difference.


By Liz Ladley

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