Now. There are entrances and there are entrances. Casting director Barbara Barna Abel turned to a few of our favorite TV personalities, hosts and all around magic makers for advice on how the capture and keep audiences captivated.


Midwinmidwin 0055 Charles is an attorney and legal analyst on television. How she walks into court – and how you should too – can mean the difference between winning and losing the judge, jury and the case. Midwin says, “When going to court, I always strive to look professional and dress in a way where the judge, jury, and opposing counsel will treat me with respect. This means fitted, not tight, flattering, not flashy and polished!”


61Eq9XMphRL._UX250_Relationship and Communications Expert Rachel DeAlto knows all about a different kind of judge and jury: The Blind Date or any early date for that matter. “Take a deep breath in before you walk into the meeting spot. Make sure that breath makes it all the way down into your belly, and breathe in how amazing and sexy you are. Now shoulders back, head high, and repeat to yourself (silently!) – ‘they are lucky to be spending time with me.’ This is mind over matter. Your confidence is the hottest thing you can wear.”


34a2962In the era of social media people are scrutinized perhaps nowhere more harshly than on the red carpet. (And if you aren’t a celebrity walking an actual red carpet, know that your life is your red carpet!) CNN contributor and SwaggerNYC founder, Sian-Pierre Regis  has both walked and covered red carpets. His advice, “Own your energy! No matter what side of the carpet you’re on – walking or reporting – it’s okay to be nervous. The key to coming out on top is to stay positive, be confident that you’re there for a reason, brush your shoulders off (literally, at least once), and focus on one thing – shining from the inside out. Trust me, people will notice.”


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQeAAAAJGI0ZjU1MzY4LTljNTItNDA5Ni1iYmYyLTU3NzBkYjBmMzA3ZgThe Met Gala is the longest and most intimidating red carpet in the world and per fashion public relations expert, Nick Steele, “Timing is everything. No matter when you actually arrive at the entrance to the carpet, the trick is to actually wait and choose your moment to join the parade. If you can see Gaga or Jennifer Lopez, it’s generally time to cool your heels a bit. Since everyone at this event is somewhat famous, you need to wait until someone who is your “fame-equivalent” is about to step on the carpet or has just entered the fray. This is vital since there can be up to ten celebs on the carpet at a time, hundreds of photographers on either side and so much screaming that you wouldn’t recognize your own name even if everyone is calling it.  In fact, you need to act as tough that’s the only name being called, hold your head high, smile and stop in front of every group of photographers as if you’re the biggest star of the night. Mimic what those ahead of you are doing – strike your pose and hold your ground!”


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAVPAAAAJDRkMTgxMmZhLWQwNDYtNGY1YS1iZmU1LTJmY2NmNDM3N2M4NAComing back down to earth, for most of us the big entrance will not be on a red carpet but at networking or business event. Office politics expert and author of The Big Sister’s Guide To The World of Work, Jocelyn Greenky advises, “There are three key factors for an incredible entrance to any networking party: 1. a flawless outfit; 2. a subtle but fabulous fragrance; and 3. dazzling smile.  Who wouldn’t want to meet and speak with someone with that amazing combination? Make sure there are no snags, threads or holes in your outfit and it’s in date! Your fragrance must not be overwhelming or you will be standing by yourself. Finally, there are whitening toothpaste for a reason. Use one! People will be begging you to take their cards.” 


barbarabarnaabel_1337806302_87Barbara Barna Abel is an on-camera coach and casting director and founder of Abel Intermedia, a talent development company based in Brooklyn, New York. She believes everyone has a story to tell and it’s her mission to help you tell it. Twitter: @BarbaraBarna