The convenience of a gel manicure is priceless—nothing compares to walking right out of the nail salon with dry, shiny nails that last for days (if not weeks). However, the post-removal downside is experiencing dry, thin and sometimes brittle nails. Yikes!  Read below on to learn a few tricks of the trade to revive your nails. Feature image by: Hannan Saleh

1. Find an Alternative: “There are so many formulas of long-lasting nail lacquer that don’t require UV light or harsh removal process,” explains butter LONDON global colour ambassador, Katie Jane Hughes. “Sometimes salons work very quickly with metal tools to get the gel off, which can be highly damaging. This is such a common issue that butter LONDON Nails 999 Rescue System was designed to repair nails weakened by gels and acrylics—it’s formulated with a healthy cocktail of Biotin, Keratin Complex and vitamins to promote nail strength and growth.


2. Keep Your Nails Hydrated: “If you do nothing else cuticle oil is a must to promote moisturized nail plates, prevent dryness and prolong polish life,” says Anya Sussman, Nails Inc. lead nail technician and educator. “I recommend Nails inc. Vitamin E oil pen—it comes in an easy brush on applicator. Plus, it absorbs quickly so there is no oily residue. [Using it] really makes a difference in your nail health.”


3. Select The Right Shape: “Nails that are rounded and short tend to chip less,” shares Nicole Lee, Co-Founder of LAQA&Co. “Less surface area and more protection from finger tips. Square nails—not to mention being slightly out of trend—have a more defined edge and can chip easier.”



4. Try Buffing Instead“Buffing your nails is always a plus to promote healthy nails,” shares Sussman. “However, it is important to use the correct grit to prevent further damage to your nail plate. The higher the grit number the finer the surface of the buffing tool. I recommend #280 grit to buff your nails to a smooth finish and if there are still ridges or raised lines then a ridge filler base coat such as Nails inc Nail Kale can be applied to create a super smooth surface.”


5. Fake Perfection with Shimmer: “Chose a sheer polish for a clean, manicured but understated look,” shares Liz and Ginger Johnson, the team behind Ginger + Liz Nail Lacquer. “Shimmer is great to use as a topper over another shade of choice [to help camoflague imperfections]. Opaque [shades] give full coverage and tends to stand out more. Ginger + Liz offers opaque creme shades and launched ‘Bling Coat’, a glistening top coat.



6. Prolong Your Polish: “Nail lacquer can crack when nails bend or hit something. So, the stronger your nails, the longer [regular polish] should last,” says Hughes. “Invest in a good nail strengthener like butter LONDON Horse Power Nail Fertilizer – it’s a cult classic. People with soft nails – including myself – can also benefit from cutting edge, gel-like lacquer formulas that bend with your nails and don’t crack as quickly.”

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Feature Image Credits: Photographer:@HannanSaleh Model: Melinda Elvenes @m.elvenes Makeup: @MarikaAokimakeup Hair: Guslene Bubak @gbhaistylist Manicurist: Tee H @suitet


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